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Terra Lightfoot, from Ontario, Canada, hits my ear as a cross between Melissa Etheridge and Heart.  While I'm not a huge fan of either of those acts, in this case, two wrongs do make a right.  The thickness of Lightfoot’s voice (Etheridge) coupled with a forceful rock sound (Heart) strike an excellent chord. It doesn’t hurt that Lightfoot plays the same guitar as Jerry Garcia (and me) and includes a couple of tracks from Springsteen’s Nebraska on her Spotify playlist — she clearly has her head in the game.

Check out “No Hurry” off her 2015 album Every Time My Mind Runs Wild to get a flavor.

Lightfoot’s muscular vocals complement her more soulful tracks, infusing them with a harrowing quality, as with “Norma Gale” from her latest release, New Mistakes (2017).

One of my favorite tracks from the new album is “Ruthless,” a sweet little groove with Lightfoot showing her vocal range by hitting some dog whistle-like high notes.  Here’s a clip from a music festival — the sound quality isn’t the best, but you get the idea.

Lightfoot is a very talented singer, song-writer and guitarist who warrants a close listen.  New Mistakes is solid and I look forward to hearing more from Lightfoot down the road.


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