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Here's To The Good Times, And An Open Mind

At a country music concert, my 11-year-old son taught me a lesson about refraining from snap judgments.


This essay appeared in The New York Times.


A Father's Last Song?

If I could offer one piece of unsolicited advice to new parents, it would be to think through your bedtime song selections with an eye to when that partially formed newborn cooing in your arms weighs 100 pounds and can beat you at chess.


This essay appeared in The Washington Post.


What Def Leppard Taught Me About Fatherhood

That not every foregone opportunity is fairly attributed to the exigencies of being a parent--it hit me that my early morning workout was more important to me than seeing a once favorite band decades past their prime.


This essay was published by Scary Mommy.


The Kid Is Alright

For days, the question irritated me like a hair shirt: why hadn't I forced my son to attend The Who concert with me?


This essay was published in the October 2018 issue of the literary journal, Under The Gum Tree.


The Gift of Music

Music used to be my go-to holiday gift but the Streaming Age has robbed us all of the ability to continue to give music as a gift.

This essay was broadcast on KQED, the Bay Area's NPR station.


Bat Out of Hell Turns 40: What The Hell Explains Its Appeal?

Of life’s great mysteries, surely among the most impenetrable is how Bat Out of Hell, Meat Loaf’s adolescent wet dream of an album, came to be one of the best-selling albums in the history of the record industry, cracking the top five in some rankings, and out-selling nearly all the pillars of the rock canon.


This essay was published by Stereo Embers Magazine.



Reflections on seeing the Replacements again in midlife--this time without my deceased best friend from middle school. 

This essay was published by Stereo Embers Magazine.

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