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Mountain Tracks

If you're heading to the mountains and don’t have any Barry Manilow on hand, try this mix for inspiration.

This playlist is available at 8tracks.

1.  “Misty Mountain Hop” by Led Zeppelin from Led Zepellin IV

2.  “The Mountains Win Again” by Blues Traveler from Four

3.  “Mountain Jack Blues” by Ma Rainey from The Complete “Ma” Rainey Collection 1923/28, Vol. 3

4.  “Mountain Of Love” by Bruce Springsteen from Prodigal Son At The Main Point

5.  “My Home’s Across The Blue Ridge Mountains” by Doc Watson from Old Timey Concert

6.  “Rocky Mountain Way” by Joe Walsh from The Best of Joe Walsh

7.  “Sugar Mountain” by Neil Young from Live Rust

8.  “Black Mountain Side” by Led Zeppelin from Led Zeppelin I

9.  “Mountain Cry” by Blues Traveler from Travelers & Thieves

10.  “Black Mountain Blues” by Bessie Smith from Bessie Smith The Collection

11.  “Magnolia Mountain” by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals from Cold Roses

12.  “Fire On The Mountain” by the Grateful Dead from 5/8/77


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