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The Basement Tapes Playlists consist of songs I've intended to write about for a while but for whatever reason have yet to make it out of my notebook and onto the blog.  So I'm packaging them up into a nice little playlist and discharging my curatorial duties in one fell swoop.  Enjoy!

This Playlist is available on Spotify.

1.  “Flood Song” — Quiet Hollers

2.  “Anna is a Stool Pigeon” – Tom Gabel

3.  “Got Your Back” — Matt The Electrician

4.  “Hey, Snow White” — Destroyer.  These guys really channel the Velvet Underground on this one.

5.  “1922” — Phil Cook

6.  “Sad Pony” — OJR

7.  “Mama” — The Glorious Sons

8.  “Little Too Late” — Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers

9.  “Moment in the Sun” — Clem Snide

10.  “Wolves” — American Aquarium

11.  “Summertime Mama” — Becca Mancari.  Mancari is playing these days with Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes and Jesse Lafser in a side project called Bermuda Triangle. I caught them a few weeks ago in San Francisco. Good stuff.

12.  “High and Humble” — The Steepwater Band. Holy Led Zeppelin!

13.  “Thieves” — Liz Cooper & The Stampede

14.  ‘Broken Bones” — Kaleo

15.  “Destroyer” — Dead Man Winter

16.  “Sometimes I Worry” — The Delta Saints

17.  “Lurker” — Steve Gunn.  Buckle up. This is a long, early Pink Floyd-like trance of a tune.

18.  “Great Tide” — Phil Cook. Couldn’t decide between this track and “1922,” above, so I dropped

them both in.

19.  “Self Centered Blues” — Natural Child


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