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Creating a Top Ten Rolling Stones playlist was no easy feat.  I was wracked with indecision to the point of paralysis.  For days I puzzled over it, enduring sleepless nights as I pondered the question of what self-respecting Stones fan would snub “Street Fighting Man”? But then I just had to just let it loose. So here it is. Attack, criticize, berate, condemn — have at it. But please, if you suggest adding a tune, accept the heavy burden of removing one. Because you have to destroy to create.

This Playlist is available on Spotify.

10. If You Can’t Rock Me 9. Love in Vain 8. Salt of the Earth 7. Honky Tonk Women 6. Torn and Frayed 5. Moonlight Mile 4. Brown Sugar 3. Loving Cup 2. Tumbling Dice 1. Gimme Shelter


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