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While most Americans are anxiously awaiting Spring, and perhaps the release of the President’s tax returns, I know Fine Tuning fans have been anxiously awaiting this Playlist.  After all, Volume 1 of the Best of Fine Tuning dropped two years ago!

This Playlist covers a lot of ground, including my sabbatical last year in Chile – you'll notice a few Spanish-language tracks mixed in from bands I discovered down there.  If anyone's interested in reading more about my time in South America, check out the following posts: a travelogue around the Rolling Stones’ first ever concert in Uruguay (also my son’s first ever concert); a review of the Rock en Concé festival; Chilean and Argentinean bands worth a listen with a little cultural history thrown in for context; and a review of the erudite and extraordinary Chilean Pink Floyd cover band, Brain Damage.

Okay, without further ado, here it is: The Best of Fine Tuning, Vol. 2.  This Playlist is available on Spotify.

1. “Wait For Me Virginia” by Hollis Brown

2. “Two Tone Cadillac” by T-Bird and the Breaks

3. “Get Gone” by Seratones

4. “Sweet Little Thing” by Lucero

5. “Miau Cat” by Julius Popper

6. “Audience” by Cold War Kids

7. “Que No Te Hagas Bobo Jacobo” by Molotov

8. “Kocaine Karolina” by Elle King

9. “Ballad of the Undecided” by Anthony D’Amato

10. “Papi, Dónde Está el Funk?” by Los Tetas

11. “I Can Tell Your Love Is Waning” by Slobberbone

12. “Who Built The Moon” by Shinyribs

13. “Otra Vez” by Ustedes Señalemelo

14. “Coma Girl” by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros

15. “No Necesitamos Banderas” by Los Prisioneros

16. “Pray For Death” by Alien Gun


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